Day 5-8

As I thought, I’m too busy to update every day, so I will do a week wrap-up every Sunday. I started out great and I feel that I finished the week great. I haven’t cheated, nor have I been tempted. I’m motivated to get the remainder of this weight off. I’ve exercised every day (except my first day when I only got about 30 minutes in). I actually look forward to riding my bike because I can read my book! I’m reading Dracula now. Thanks to my friend Sakinah, I’m stocked with books until at least May.

So with all my success, why haven’t I lost weight!! More importantly, why have I gained weight!! My downfall and something I need to work on ASAP is not eating when I get home from school. I teach until 8:15 p.m. and not home until about 9, and then I’m starving. Unless you are a teacher, you don’t understand how much energy it sucks out of you. One evening I ate a big plate of vegetables, the next morning I was up 1.76 pounds! Ridiculous! Gaining weight from veggies.

So new goal this week, or rather a new challenge for me is to not eat after 7p.m. I’m going to make that official and put it on my challenge site. 🙂 It seems to be working for me.

Overall loss for the week: 4.18 pounds


1st goal: lose 14 pounds. 9.82 pounds to go

2nd goal: lose 20 pounds.: 15.82 pounds to go

3rd goal: lose 30 pounds.: 25.82 pounds to go

4th goal: lose 40 pounds by the end of the challenge: 35.82 pounds to go

I need to figure out how to change my scale from kilos to pounds. These numbers drive me crazy.

ImageMy chair thieves.

mrkitty and simon updated And my yogurt thieves. They know the sound of the yogurt opening. Simon precedes to climb all the way up onto my shoulder and tries to go down my arm to steal it. For his efforts, they usually get


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